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Horizon Health Coaching

A Healthier You is on the Horizon

Are you struggling with an ongoing health issue?  Do you feel chronically stressed, run-down or not quite like yourself?  You are not alone! 

At Horizon Health Coaching, my mission is to help people with health concerns such as chronic stress, burnout & chronic illness heal and find balance in their lives.  Let's work together to create a healthier you!

Why Horizon Health Coaching?

At Horizon Health Coaching, I use a holistic approach to coaching and I will work with you as a whole person (not just a set of symptoms).  I can partner with you to find the tools to heal & find balance by making changes related to diet, stress management, movement, sleep and other areas that are unique to you.  Sometimes change is difficult, so we will collaborate to create a vision and a plan for better health and we will work together to overcome any roadblocks along your path.  You are in the driver’s seat and I will be with you every step of the way! 

About Mollie Lemberg, Health Coach

Hi, I’m Mollie!  I used to be a sick, sleep-deprived, stressed-out lawyer.  My own health journey led me to various conventional & naturopathic doctors with little success.  Then I finally discovered the amazing world of Functional Medicine, which focuses on identifying & treating the root cause of disease. 


By working with Functional Medicine practitioners and making a number of lifestyle changes, including overhauling my diet, reducing stress and spending more quality time with my young son and husband, I was able to recover my health (and I continue on this journey every day). 


My experience inspired me to become a Health Coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy so I can help people like you reclaim your health, feel good and live the full, joy-filled life you deserve! 



Let's Connect

I would love to hear from you!  Please email me at if you would like to learn more about health coaching, set up a time to talk with me, or book a free 30 minute health coaching consultation.  Go to                                    to find out more!  Click below to follow me on Facebook & Instagram.

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