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Health Coaching

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is someone who will partner with you to help you make lifestyle changes in order to reach your health & wellness goals.  A Health Coach will help you connect with your own motivation for change and support you along your journey towards better health.  A Health Coach can also help empower you to take control of your own health and lifestyle choices.  When you face road blocks, blind spots, or setbacks, a Health Coach can help you troubleshoot through those issues and get back on track.

How can we can work together?

1.  To make important lifestyle changes

I can work with you to make changes that may transform your entire life!  Let's face it, change can be difficult.  You may be struggling to stick to a specific food plan, integrate more movement into your day, or finally get a good night's sleep.  Often there is a gap between what we know we need to do in order to live our healthiest life and what we actually do on a daily basis.  I can help you bridge that gap by partnering with you to tap into the motivation you need to make and stick to important lifestyle changes. 

2.  To help you manage stress

Stress, especially chronic stress, can be taxing on your immune system & mental health and can hold you back from achieving your health goals.  We can work together to uncover your stressors and implement strategies to manage your stress.   

3.  To bridge the gap between you and your clinician

Sometimes physicians do not have time to educate you about your health condition or to help you figure out the practicalities of working towards better health, such as taking your medications and supplements.  With your permission, I can communicate with your clinician to make sure you are fully informed and prepared to take charge of your health.     

4.  To offer practical and emotional support   

Managing chronic illness and other health conditions can be time consuming and emotionally taxing.  We can collaborate to ensure you are following your clinician's recommendations.  I will also be there to support you emotionally through your health journey.  Sometimes simply talking through your struggles and emotions can be helpful, but we can also explore mind-body techniques, such as breathing, guided imagery and meditation.

5.  For other reasons that are unique to you!

I am here to support you on your journey to better health.  By focusing on you as a whole person, I can work with you to identify and improve the specific factors that might be preventing you from healing or feeling your best.

What is my training?

Through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, I received training in health coaching, functional nutrition & the psychology of eating, positive psychology techniques and mind-body techniques.  I also learned about the basics of digestion, immune function, inflammation, energy regulation, toxins & detoxification and hormone balance.  I can work with you to implement protocols recommended by your practitioner, as well as other lifestyle changes that may affect your health. 

Work With Me!

Please email me at to set up a free 30 minute consultation.


After your initial consultation, I offer an introductory rate for a package of 5 coaching sessions.


I also offer individual sessions as well as packages of 10 sessions.


What is included in the introductory coaching package?


  • 5 coaching sessions

    • First session - 1 hour

    • Follow-up sessions - 30 minutes

  • Holistic wellness questionnaire & assessment

  • Personalized wellness plan

  • Assistance with setting and achieving your health goals


I look forward to hearing from you!


Work With Me!
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